The easiest way to engage with your customers and attract new ones using your WIFI
The VISWIFI system allows you to push ads to your customers mobile devices or laptops, through your WiFi network, without having them install any native application

Promote products and services

It's never bean easier to inform your clients about new things in your location.

Using our cloud based management dashboard you have the possibility of creating customized ads for products, events, services or locations and promote them to the customers who access your WIFI network.

Advertise directly on your customers mobile devices or laptops and make a visual impact with images and text.

Build customers email database

Ask for your customers email addresses and build your own database.

With the VISWIFI system you can create an email database of the people interested in your location, offers, events, services or products. All you need to do is create an ad and ask your clients to leave their email so they can be up to date with new cool thing happening in your location.

Give bonuses to those who leave their email and make them loyal customers, returning to your business.

Increase social awareness

Increase your Facebook likes, webpage visits or get more followers on Twitter.

Using our ads system you can ask your clients to like your Facebook page, posts or photos, link the ad to your Twitter account to get more followers or make a link to your website and increase the visits.

There is no limit to the number of social platforms you can use in the VISWIFI system
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Get feedback from customers

Ask them for their opinion with a one step feedback ad.

We offer you the possibility to create feedback campaigns and find out what customers think about your services, products, ambient in your location and much more. Direct feedback from clients can help to significantly improve your location and business standards.

Discover what products or services have better success than others.

More benefits

Manage your ads for multiple locations from one place in the cloud.

You can place any type of content in the ads and get the information you need from your customers. Based on what industry or field your business resides in, there are a lot of different strategies you can use in your ads campaigns.

Create a purpose for your WIFI network now!

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